Doctors Hail Demarco as a Hero After Saving Woman’s Life

Doctors Hail Demarco as a Hero After Saving Woman’s Life

Dancehall superstar Demarco and members of his True Gift Entertainment team have been hailed as heroes by a group of doctors attached to the University of the West Indies Hospital, following a serious car accident that almost claimed the life of a woman on Saturday Night.

The incident unfolded on Saturday, November 9th in the vicinity of Burlington Avenue and Westminster Road while Demarco and his team were engaged in a game of football at their studio compound. Amidst the game a loud crashing noise was heard; upon further investigation it was discovered a Honda Civic motorcar with four females and a Toyota Corolla Station Wagon taxi was involved in a serious collision that left one of the four woman with a fractured skull; others with neck and back injuries and the taxi operator in a dizzy state.

Demarco and his team quickly rushed to the scene pulling the victims from the wreckage while other members of the team alerted the authorities. With blood gushing everywhere and the cries for help a towel was used to wrap the head of the victim with the fractured skull, before whisking her into Demarco’s car and rushing to the hospital, she appeared to be slipping in and out of consciousness.

She was taken to the Andrew’s Memorial Hospital, where they advised they could not help due to lack of required resources. With no time to waste they then took her to the University of the West Indies Hospital where doctors quickly whisked her away later advising Demarco and his team that if it was not for their quick action she could have died on the scene. The other victims were subsequently taken to the hospital by police personnel.

Alluding to onlookers arriving on the scene and videotaping, a seemingly distressed Demarco later tweeted, “Why people so cruel, how can you see a woman dying, blood gushing from her head and be filming big up my team for taking her to the hospital”.

Tommy Lee Sparta Escapes Car Crash, Suffers Broken Foot & Minor Bruises

Tommy Lee Sparta Escapes Car Crash, Suffers Broken Foot & Minor Bruises

Dancehall star Tommy Lee Sparta narrowly escaped serious injury a car accident early this morning, November 9.
The Jamaican deejay suffered minor bruises and will have to undergo wearing support on a broken foot.
Tommy Lee Sparta continues to embark on an amazing year with a dynamic International tour and would like to ensure to his fans worldwide that he is doing well.
The dancehall artist is looking forward to see his supporters and fans at Don Way Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay, to celebrate his official birth-nite bash schedule for tonight.
Following the car accident, his publicist — Aleesha Carter — was in constant communication with Tommy Lee Sparta’s manager to ensure she has been made aware of his progress and state.