Gay Dancehall Star Want More Airplay In Jamaica

Gay Dancehall Star Want More Airplay In Jamaica

US based gay dancehall star Drew Angel, real name Andrew Dick, says he wants more airplay in Jamaica.
Jamaica is widely regarded as one of the most unfriendly place on earth for homosexual males and dancehall shows little pity for the gay community.

Drew Angel was born in Jamaica but moved to New York at age 12. But now the striving dancehall star, who identify himself as a gay man, wants to move back to his homeland to further his career.

“The main thing is that I am an openly gay artiste trying to do music for the mainstream,” Drew Angel told the Star. “There are a lot of gay people, I am making music that they can identify with and feel like they are part of the industry. I am doing music so that they can at least know that somebody is out there doing music for them. My songs are basically talking about my experience and the lifestyle itself.”

Drew currently has two new singles he is trying to promote “Spout Life Soldier” and “Rude Boy,” but says he know it will not be an easy task getting airplay in Jamaica.


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