Mavado and his manager, Julian Jones Griffith, have denied reports being circulated on the Internet that they boycotted a recent stage show in Guyana because Tommy Lee Sparta had a bigger Guynanese fan base.

According to Jones Griffith, Mavado and Tommy Lee Sparta have shared a stage on various occasions and both camps have a good relationship, therefore, he has no need to avoid Tommy Lee.

“Who behaves like that in 2013? Mavado and Tommy Lee have performed on shows together in the Caribbean before. Me and Heavy D a bredrin. There’s absolutely no animosity between the two camps whatsoever. In fact, some of Mavado’s band members actually rehearsed with Tommy Lee and played for him on the show in Guyana that same night,” a seemingly frustrated Jones Griffith said.

not accurate

Tommy Lee Sparta’s publicist, Keona Williams, confirmed Griffith’s claims and also said the online news was not accurate.

“This rumour is being circulated online that Mavado refused to share the stage with Tommy Lee Sparta because of rivalry between the two artistes. Some have posted that Mavado refused to leave his hotel based on Tommy Lee’s popularity in Guyana and had concerns about who was to close the show. These claims are all false. Rehearsals were done with Mavado’s band and two of his band members, in fact, backed Tommy’s performance at Guyana’s National Stadium despite Mavado’s absence,” she said.

prior knowledge

Tommy Lee’s manager, Heavy D, also said the reports that Mavado refused to share stage with the artiste was strange, because there was prior knowledge that Tommy Lee would be part of the show.

“We got this booking from about January, and it was to be Tommy alone and then they add Mavado and everyone was ok with it. So when they say Mavado didn’t know Tommy was on the show, that’s not true. We stayed at the same hotel in Guyana. Julian and me always been cool. We never had no problem before. I have no idea how we get blame for Mavado not appearing,” Heavy-D said.

Tommy Lee Sparta also said that he had no grouse with Mavado. According to the artiste, he simply did his performance and left without knowledge of any form of negativity.

In the meantime, Jones Griffith said Mavado’s no-show at the event was because the promoters breached their contract and did not commit to their side of the agreement. He also said Mavado himself hosted a successful show the following day at the same venue in an attempt to make amends with his disappointed fans.


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