what is this. what is this.

what is this. what is this.

Dancehall producers Anju Blax and Deniro have rubbished allegations that UIM Records has severed ties with dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta. According to the label, unscrupulous persons have started a rumour because they haven’t seen Tommy Lee at the recording studio on a regular basis.

“Yesterday was the first that I was hearing it. Some people came to the studio and were saying they weren’t seeing Tommy Lee there again so I guess that’s how the rumour started. But Tommy Lee just has a lot of overseas engagements and he even recorded a song at the studio recently and is abroad again,” Anju Blax of the production duo said.

The producer revealed that he has several unreleased projects for Tommy Lee Sparta and is also assisting with production at his (Tommy Lee’s) newly-formed Guzu Music label which currently has recording artistes Jimbo Sparta, Destiny Sparta, Tabeta and Stylish under its banner.

Not a split

“Some people are getting it confused because Tommy Lee now has his own label. But it is not a split and we are helping him to get his artistes out,” Anju Blax said.

Tommy Lee’s publicist Keona Williams also denied the allegations. She said Tommy Lee recently collaborated with UIM Records to produce his first album called Sparta Boss, and has no grouse with Deniro or Anju Blax.

Sparta Boss will be released in coming weeks and will feature songs like Nuh Mek Mi Feel Suh and Vibes Inna Dis. Tommy Lee Sparta is currently in Guyana.

Meanwhile at UIM, Anju Blax and Dinero are gearing up to release new rhythm compilations namely the Red Light and Rolling Calf rhythms. These new rhythms are follow-ups to their popular Four Play rhythm which featured Bugle’s Nuh Compatible, Gaza Slim’s Whine among others.

“We are making progress internationally with the Four Play Rhythm. It was recently added to the playlist on BBC and that is a big accomplishment for a dancehall rhythm because that is rare,” Anju Blax said.


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